Milk? & Vaccinations for dogs

Are dogs and cats meant to drink milk?

The answer is no.
Cow milk has always been intended to feed and supply growth factors to calves.
It can cause congestion and allergy in our smaller companion animals, but if your pet already loves this milk drinking pastime, try switching to goat’s milk as it is more suited to their nutritional needs while tasting just as good.


Vaccinations & Heart Disease


Remember, rabies is the only vaccine legally required in all states in the United States. If your pet has been vaccinated for other diseases, the immunity can also last several years.

The next time you’re asked to update your pet’s vaccines outside of the rabies vaccine, request your veterinarian to run a titer blood test to determine existing immunity levels.


Heart Disease is an all-too-common illness among pets? That’s right, but the risk of getting heart disease can be minimized, and in some cases, even prevented.

Be sure to feed your pet a good amount of high quality meats, and ask your veterinarian about adding the supplement Co-Q-10, which helps to regulate and support normal heart function