A Letter from Dr. Marty

Hi, this is Dr. Marty. I hope you’re all safe and healthy during these challenging times.

I’ve received many requests for advice on pet health issues, so firstly, I’d like to thank you for reaching out and entrusting me to advise on the health of your companion.

Please know that every animal has different needs and requirements, and in order for me to help, I would have to establish a proper patient-doctor-client relationship, then run specific tests that would only be possible with an in-person consultation. Because of this, I will not be able to address requests at this time.

Currently, I’m on sabbatical after 47 years from clinical practice to be able to educate on a more global level and to finish writing my second book. If your pet needs veterinary help, my #1 advice for you would be to seek an integrative veterinarian in your area for a hands-on consultation. This way, the veterinarian will be able to address your pet’s specific needs and closely monitor their progress.

You can find a comprehensive list of all US integrative veterinarians at ahvma.org. If you’d like to visit Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, the clinic I helped create, my incredible associates see patients from all over North America and offer comprehensive telephone consultations involving your own veterinarian when appropriate. Please visit smithridge.com to learn more.

If you have any questions about Dr. Marty Pets premium freeze-dried raw food or formulas, please visit drmartypets.com. For specific requests, please contact the fantastic customer care team at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your understanding. I hope you and your furry friend stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Marty


Recreational raw bones are excellent for your pets. Chewing provides psychological satisfaction as well as excellent dental health. Every 4 to 5 days, give dogs either raw knuckle bone or raw neck (beef,lamb,veal) bones.

Avoid morrow bones (the hard none form cows legs which have no ‘give’ to them. Cats, if not already getting them for regular meals can enjoy raw chicken necks and chicken wings.

Do NOT feed cooked bones. Unlike raw bones , which are relatively soft, cooked bones are brittle and can splinter into dangerous fragments.


When buying treats, be sure to reach for those that are derived primarily from meat, poultry or fish sources.

Leave behind those snacks that are high in grain by-products, fillers and preservatives. And, try to divide larger treats into several smaller ones, to keep your dog or cat fit and trim.


Does your dog seem congested, or appear to have a clogged nose?
This is especially common during winter when there’s a lot of dry heat in the home. If you feel your dog is uncomfortable, let him or her sit in a closed bathroom and run a hot shower.

The steam generated from the shower may help alleviate the congestion. You can also place a vaporizer near your dog’s bed, and add few drops of eucalyptus oil the vaporizer’s water.