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Vaccinations & Heart Disease

VACCINATIONS Remember, rabies is the only vaccine legally required in all states in the United States. If your pet has been vaccinated for other diseases, the immunity can also last several years. The next time you’re asked to update your pet’s vaccines outside of the...

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29 Minute Cryosurgery

This 13 week old pup had a highly aggressive cancer of the paw pad that spread to his lymph system. They wanted to amputate his leg or do 25 radiation treatments then put him on chemo. I did one 29 minute cryosurgery put him on supplements and the rest is history!!!...

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A brief explanation of Cryosurgery. Cryosurgery is the use of extreme cold produced by nitrous oxide gas (or, in specific instances, liquid nitrogen) to destroy diseased tissue. The nitrous oxide or liquid nitrogen are circulated through a special instrument called a...

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What should you be feeding your dog?

Diet decisions are not a matter of right or wrong. If you understand what is ideal, you can then create a feeding program that will help move your pet closer to the healthiest diet options. In general, the more real food your dogs and cats eat, the healthier they will...

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Baths in the Summer for your pet.

Warmer weather always means more time outdoors for you and your pets. If your dogs and cats are anything like mine, more time outdoors, also means more baths. Choosing the soaps and shampoos we use on our pets is actually very important. Some products can contain...

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Spring and Summer Bug Bites

Warmer weather brings bug bites and allergic rashes.  For pets and humans, an inexpensive Aloe vera plant, kept right at home, can be an endless source of soothing medication for many skin irritations. Just break off a small stalk of the plant and squeeze its contents...

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