Does your pet tend to act overly anxious, or fearful, in unfamiliar situations? Does he or she seem uptight during thundering rainstorms? Or, does your dog or cat pace aimlessly through the house whenever a member of the family is away? If so, whatever the cause may be, a few drops of Bach’s Flower Essence, Rescue Remedy, in his or her mouth, a couple of times a day, may help.

This natural formula aids to restore calmness and harmony in two to three days. It’s great in soothing human nerves too.


When buying treats, be sure to reach for those that are derived primarily from meat, poultry or fish sources. Leave behind those snacks that are high in grain by-products, fillers and preservatives. And, try to divide larger treats into several smaller ones, to keep your dog or cat fit and trim.


There are few things as refreshing as a nice bath.
And, believe it or not, most canine companions would agree, so why not take some quality time and give your pet a good wash?

Periodic baths don’t only keep dogs clean they also keep them accustomed to being handled.
During cold, winter months, just be sure to bathe your pet indoors.
And, use an herbal or oatmeal based shampoo that’s free of sodium laurel sulfate type ingredients.