Dr. Martin Goldstein

Hi, I’m Dr. Martin Goldstein — or, as I’m known in the pet health world, Dr. Marty.

I’ve been a leading integrative veterinarian for more than 45 years and have helped countless pet parents revitalize their pets’ health with my breakthrough raw diet method and unique approach to pet health care.

You see, by combining both conventional AND alternative methods, I’m able to provide pets with the integrative veterinary care to provide solutions for true health… which, as you know, is a pet’s best defense against disease.

But how I made the jump to becoming one of America’s leading integrative veterinarians started after I decided to confront my own health issues.

The Nature of
Animal Healing

Since its release in 1999, my aim with this book has been more of an immediate one: to demonstrate the ways in which our pets are being ill served by us, by their environments, and, yes, by some aspects of conventional veterinary medicine.

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Fundamentals of Health and Disease for Our Pets
November 16-17, 2019
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