A Letter from Dr. Marty

Hi, this is Dr. Marty. I hope you’re all safe and healthy during these challenging times.

I’ve received many requests for advice on pet health issues, so firstly, I’d like to thank you for reaching out and entrusting me to advise on the health of your companion.

Please know that every animal has different needs and requirements, and in order for me to help, I would have to establish a proper patient-doctor-client relationship, then run specific tests that would only be possible with an in-person consultation. Because of this, I will not be able to address requests at this time.

Currently, I’m on sabbatical after 47 years from clinical practice to be able to educate on a more global level and to finish writing my second book. If your pet needs veterinary help, my #1 advice for you would be to seek an integrative veterinarian in your area for a hands-on consultation. This way, the veterinarian will be able to address your pet’s specific needs and closely monitor their progress.

You can find a comprehensive list of all US integrative veterinarians at ahvma.org. If you’d like to visit Smith Ridge Veterinary Center, the clinic I helped create, my incredible associates see patients from all over North America and offer comprehensive telephone consultations involving your own veterinarian when appropriate. Please visit smithridge.com to learn more.

If you have any questions about Dr. Marty Pets premium freeze-dried raw food or formulas, please visit drmartypets.com. For specific requests, please contact the fantastic customer care team at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your understanding. I hope you and your furry friend stay safe and healthy.

Dr. Marty

Dr. Martin Goldstein

Hi, I’m Dr. Martin Goldstein — or, as I’m known in the pet health world, Dr. Marty.

I’ve been a leading integrative veterinarian for more than 45 years and have helped countless pet parents revitalize their pets’ health with my breakthrough raw diet method and unique approach to pet health care.

You see, by combining both conventional AND alternative methods, I’m able to provide pets with the integrative veterinary care to provide solutions for true health… which, as you know, is a pet’s best defense against disease.

But how I made the jump to becoming one of America’s leading integrative veterinarians started after I decided to confront my own health issues.

How I Got My Start

You see, I had been living with poor health for years — symptoms my doctor tried to explain by saying I was just “getting older” — even though I was only 27. So shortly after I earned my DVM from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1973, I decided enough was enough — and completely cleaned up my diet to take back control of my health.

After eating an all-natural diet and cutting out processed foods and preservatives, it didn’t take long for my health to make a complete turnaround. I couldn’t believe it. The unhealthy food I’d been eating had actually been the #1 source of my poor health.

It was then I decided to modify this real food diet for pets — starting with a dog named Kaiser. And after just a week or two of feeding Kaiser the Weimaraner this home-prepared diet, something incredible happened: everyone who touched Kaiser broke out in a rash.

You see, he was removing all the chemicals that had been in his body out through his skin. Next, all of his old, mangy fur fell out — and a new coat of brown puppy fur grew in. (Which is odd for an adult Weimaraner, since their coats are usually gray.)

Eventually, his brown fur turned into that “trademark” Weimaraner-grey, but his new puppy-like energy stayed. Kaiser looked and acted like a brand new dog.

I mean, his transformation blew my mind, and led me to believe that a real food, protein-packed diet — similar to what their ancestors would have enjoyed — is best for our pets.

Fueled by my love for animals, it was at this point that my interest and research in integrative veterinary therapy took off.

My Life as a Leading Integrative Veterinarian

From there, I dove even further into the world of holistic veterinary therapies and received my certification in veterinary acupuncture from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1977…

And as my interest in complementary pet care grew, so did several of my colleagues’, and we formed the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Since then, I’ve traveled all over the U.S. giving seminars on the power of integrative pet therapies, and have even shared my unique pet diet method and pet care philosophy on a number of radio and TV programs, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Martha Stewart Show, and Good Morning America.

For six years, I even hosted my own weekly radio program on Martha Stewart’s Sirius Satellite radio station, “Ask Martha’s Vet With Dr. Marty,” where I answered puzzling pet illness questions and shared tips on how to provide the best care for dogs and cats.

Today at Smith Ridge Veterinary Center where I am medical director in South Salem, New York, the team and I combine the power of both alternative and conventional medicine to provide pets the care they need to live long, full lives.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to pass my decades of veterinary experience and holistic pet care knowledge on to you, through my bestselling book, The Nature of Animal Healing — The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat. I hope you’ll grab a copy for yourself (or for pet lovers you may know) — and share the methods that have dramatically improved the lives of dogs and cats around the world with your four-legged companion at home.

And be on the look-out for my forthcoming book, The Spirit of Animal Healing, where I explore how I developed my raw food diet method, and the extraordinary ways it’s giving dogs and cats new lives… even for animals well into their senior years.

As far as my own pet family, I’m a pet parent to three dogs, two cats, two lizards, eight chickens, and one bunny. And when I’m not busy helping animals or researching new integrative veterinary solutions — I love playing golf, playing guitar, singing, and staying active. I also enjoy collecting and processing my own maple syrup from my neighborhood’s maple trees — a true labor of love!

Thank you for your time. I look forward to helping your pet live a long, healthy, happy life, by your side.

To you and your best friend,

Dr. Marty

The Nature of
Animal Healing

Since its release in 1999, my aim with this book has been more of an immediate one: to demonstrate the ways in which our pets are being ill served by us, by their environments, and, yes, by some aspects of conventional veterinary medicine.

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